'Zeppelin Experience put on a fantastic show at the Fairmont Opera House in Fairmont, MN.  From the second they arrived, the members of Zeppelin Experience maintained a high level of professionalism until they left following the completion of the show.  The performance itself was second to none.  Many of the audience members spoke to me about how impressed they were with the level of musicality that Zeppelin Experience showcased.  One such audience member told me that he had seen Led Zeppelin in concert when he was younger and that Zeppelin Experience was as close to the original sound as he has ever heard.  Personally, I believe that Zeppelin Experience is a great band that puts on an amazing concert, but that is not their best quality.  Their best quality is the fact that they are good people; people who work hard to perfect their craft, people who take time to meet with patrons following the show, and people who do not leave until the last road case is on the trailer.  That is what propels them from a good band to a great band. 

I anticipate bringing Zeppelin Experience back to the Fairmont Opera House and would encourage others to look into this amazing group.'

Blake Potthoff
Executive Director Fairmont Opera House

'With your expectations set pretty high for one of the best bands in rock history, Zeppelin Experience is going to deliver exactly what you're looking for.  From the moment they step on stage they will take you into the world of Led Zeppelin with amazing guitar riffs, drum solos and singing that will blow your mind!  Highly recommend their show!'

Heidi and JK
KFMC - classic rock radio


'This is a great venue (Fairmont Opera House) ! It's an amazing atmosphere with so much history. The Zeppelin Experience show was so great! Thank you for bringing entertainment like this to Fairmont!' 

'It was a great time. The band was awesome. Good acoustics.' 

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Our Show

With an entire arsenal of Led Zeppelin songs in their satchel Zeppelin Experience gives an energy sapping show playing some of the greatest rock epics of all time. 'Dazed and Confused', 'Whole Lotta Love', 'Ramble On', 'Heartbreaker', 'Good Times Bad Times' just to name a few. Focusing on the roots and inspiration of Led Zeppelin's core material Zeppelin Experience grabs that energy and brings it on home to you.

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